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Navy Ranks
Navy Ranks
This document contains the abbreviation of each Naval rank and a description of the rank (i.e., BMCM is an acronym for "BOATSWAIN'S MATE MASTER CHIEF PETTY OFFICER"). A copy of Acrobat Adobe is required to view this document. 
Vaden, Delaney Dodson's Will
Vaden, Delaney Dodson's Will
June Term 1858
Gibson County, TN

I D D Vaden of the county of Gibson viewing the uncertainity of life and the certainity of death do make, publish this, my last will and testament revoking all others

1st I direct that my mortal remains be buried in a decent and Christian manner-

2nd -- It is my will that all my just debts be paid as soon as convenient after my decease-

3rd- It is my will and I hereby give back to my wife Martha Vaden all the property I got by her in our marriage and one hundred Dollars in cash, one choice cow and calf and one years provisions out of my estate -

4th-- It is my will that my personal property of every kind and variety be sold to the highest bidder ___ ___ credit of Twelve months and my land ___ on a credit of one and two years-

5th- I will Richard S Vaden, Martha S Bledsoe, Elizabeth A Blankenship, Dorothy F Mobley and Mary Jane Jones Ten Dollars each

6th I will my son Henry C Vaden one Hundred Dollars-

7th I will my sons Joseph L & Robert W Vaden Two Hundred & fifty Dollars each first-

8th It is my will that the balance of the money belonging to my Estate be equally divided between my three single daughters Hannah W. Henrietta O and Matilda E Vaden and my two sons Joseph L and Robert W Vaden and in case of the death of any of these five named children before arriving at age or marriage then the living ones of the five shall have their distributive share or shares-

9th I hereby appoint and request my Friends W T and J A Watkins to act as my executors to this my last will and testament and that they become the Guardian of my children under age and it is my last request that they take charge and control my two youngest sons Joseph and Robert W

Given ___ my hand and seal this April 24th 1857
Seal his
J P Sharp D D x Vaden
J A W Hess mark